a glimpse of a university town called Dumaguete

Spend the day at Dumaguete, some called this a university town with Silliman University at the heart of it.  The campus is really huge, that you cannot just tell the tricycle driver to head off to Silliman, he will specifically ask you where, and most likely you’re already traversing the campus itself.  It was so... Continue Reading →


Web finds #01: 10 Job Skills You’ll Need in 2020

Note to self: This is what the future employment jungle will be like. Now,  evolved or else!!! Sources: http://time.com/3507077/10-job-skills-2020/ http://www.top10onlinecolleges.org/work-skills-2020/ http://cdn.theatlantic.com/static/front/docs/sponsored/phoenix/future_work_skills_2020.pdf The 10 Most Important Work Skills in 2020 The 6 Drivers of Change ○ All of the 10 skills will tie back into these disruptive shifts on the horizon: ■ Extreme Longevity ● People... Continue Reading →

Oslob Part 3: The Town Proper (Calle Aragones, Spanish Cuartel, etc)

Day 2: Aug 22, 2013 Calle Aragones (1879 - oldest street in Oslob crossing with Immaculate Conception Parish church) Immaculate Conception Parish Church (1830) - the church plan was constructed by the same Prelate who had Magellan's cross constructed in Cebu City Spanish Cuartel  - Spanish barracks ruins Heritage (Municipal) Park - besides Spanish Cuartel is... Continue Reading →

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