random life list.

random things to do while still alive…

  1. Learn at least one musical instrument
  2. Learn how to machine-sew & create bags /dressess out of old clothes 😉
  3. Enroll in Baking & Pastry Class
  4. Have a diploma in Multi-Media or Interior Design
  5. Go to Tokyo and join the Harajuku crowd
  6. Dare to have a dragon tattoo or greek symbol of my name
  7. Swim with the dolphins and the big turtles
  8. Feed the beautiful Siberian tiger
  9. Take a whole year sabbatical & do my own Eat, Pray, Love 🙂
  10. Compose a song composed a poem & my friend Jacq put melodies on it! Title: You’re with me
  11. Publish a book
  12. Have at least one of my poems published
  13. Submit an article at glossy magazine
  14. Submit an article at the newspaper
  15. Climb a mountain
  16. Backpack in New Zealand (yeah!)
  17. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea… oh Greece!
  18. Throw a bonggacious party for all my friends from different areas of my life
  19. Learn meditation
  20. Visit Tibet and listen to the Dalai Lama
  21. Learn how to create chocolate 🙂
  22. Turn my script into a movie 🙂
  23. Own a farm & do some serious farmtown/ville mode..lolz
  24. Attend Paulo Coelho’s Book signing
  25. Become a book critic 🙂
  26. Organize a wedding for a friend
  27. Laze away my time in the beach by just reading books (a cocktail on hand wont hurt 🙂  Nov-2012 at Boracay
  28. Do star-seeing at the top of the mountain – Mar 12, 2016  / Mt. Pulag
  29. Dare myself to wear sky-high stilletos at a formal event (sigh..the pain…) – Jan-27-2012 / Alfer’s wedding! 😀
  30. Design and execute a complete outfit for thyself and friend
  31. Do some serious detoxification: fruits / raw veg for a week?
  32. Learn to cook a perfect paella
  33. Be able to swim at least one lap in an Olympic sized pool
  34. Learn basic martial arts move
  35. Learn archery
  36. Practice target shooting
  37. Be able to run 10k with no walking in between (groaaannn)
  38. Take some serious photos, worthy of exhibit 🙂
  39. Attend Tamora Pierce’s book signing
  40. Ride the hot air balloon
  41. Food trip in Binondo    Oct-2012 with Jabez friends (Wai Ying Resto)
  42. date a chef who cooks for his date! (Lolz)
  43. Create a scrapbook for LOJ moments
  44. Train/ bus ride from Malaysia to Singapore – ended up with bus though! Dec 2015 / SG-Malaysia trip
  45. Watch a concert this Valentines (naks naman)
  46. Learn how to sing in videoke (note: in tune, ok?)
  47. Dance to the entire hiphop song
  48. Wear a dress on weekdays! Lolz
  49. Learn Adobe Photoshop
  50. Hold somebody’s hand while watching the sunset ….(woooohhhhh!)
  51. dare to solo travel locally – Aug 2013 (Oslob-Dumaguete-Cebu)
  52. international solo travel – Aug 2014 (Hoian-Danang-HCMC, Vietnam)

< this is a growing list 🙂 >


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