brushes & weekends

Here’s to a back to back weekend workshops that involves the use of brushes.


The ABCs of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy

I’ve been following Abbey Sy of Le Reveur with her prolific production on hand lettering, may it be in paper or in greenboards (these despite the full schedule of being a student and now a full-time employee).  So, once I got the text that a slot was opened up for me (with her growing workshop waiting list everyday).  I didn’t hesitate to join in, despite the crunch it would give to my wallet.  After all, the hand lettering workshop has been listed in my bucket list for the year. The location itself has been a plus, since I’ve been wanting to check out Hey Kessy store at Quezon City (which is quite far from Mandaluyong for a commuter.)   [Side note: Hey Kessy is a crafts store mostly known for her washi tapes, and the owner is quite an artist herself.]  So, that’s hitting two birds with one stone!

2015-02-28 13.00.06
Giddy over the workshop kit. Aren’t they beautiful? The the hand lettering pad cover is made by Abbey herself.
2015-02-28 13.03.08
the workshop goodies! pens! more pens! and brush pens! <obviously I’m pen-happy over this!)
2015-02-28 14.45.14
Abbey Sy, hand letterer extraordinaire
2015-02-28 15.36.49
requested to have my hand lettering pad “autographed” + a hand-lettered message. 🙂 Watching the master at work
2015-02-28 15.50.37
Abbey Sy’s hand-lettered message to my lettering pad (which is part of the workshop kit).

2015-02-28 15.35.21 2015-02-28 15.35.13

2015-02-28 23.26.24
my paltry attempt…hahaha #Practicepamore

I’ve been doing some hand lettering during my high school days, but it’s mostly for the cover page of several school projects (i.e. Project of so and so, submitted by so and so…).  It was at the time of early and bulky PC days, which at the time is too expensive for our idyllic province (although our school has started offering some computer classes, which shall remain unnamed because you’ll definitely laugh out load with its antiquity).  Reading Abbey’s blog made me wonder on what level should I have been right now, if I have continued to practice on it.  But as they say, life happens.  And I wanted to have a new hobby asides from reading, so maybe it’s the perfect time for me to start practicing again.  After all, my aim was not to be a professional hand letterer, I just wanted to create something for myself.

SUNDAY (Mar 01)

Make-Up Madness Workshop (MUM)

The added bonus of having a friend get married is that you get to meet (and greet) their professional make up artist, and learn that they conduct Make-up workshops for those interested.  Right at that very moment, I and two of my friends signed up when we heard the affordable price of their workshop (way cheaper as compared to other make up school).

The day of the workshop brought itself a surprise.  We thought we would only be attending a Basic Make Up session (for personal application),  but it turns out to be a Basic Professional Make-Up Course (woot! woot!).  The fee is definitely a steal! I’ve been eyeing this kind of workshops for quite some time and it usually carries a hefty price of Php25k and above.   The workshop even comes with an added bonus of Bobbi Brown 18 brushes kit! Hurrah!

The 18 brushes kit spread out over an array of professional make up palettes provided by the MUA team (our teachers for the day). The bond paper face template where we get to practice a day look on the right (open eye side) and night look on the left (closed eye side), before teaming up with an actual partner.
Let the actual application begin! 1-2-3 shade!
it was fun doing the actual make up to my friend, imagining her wedding look…still need to practice more on the eyebrows, contour and perhaps on playing with colors.

hmmm.. I forgot to have a picture of the end process…

But, I am excited to start practicing my skills on my poor, unsuspecting friends, and slowly build up a portfolio. #dreambig

Watercolor brushes, Brush pens, and now Make Up brushes!!!

A weekend with brushes made me daydream for the things that I can possibly create [with brushes] and let’s not forget the fun part of playing around with it.   I must admit, I’ve been doodling and playing around with watercolor and brushes for fun ( and to de-stress).  Here’s to new stuff to play and grow around with, creatively.

Cheers to going back to a creative life!

P.S. And I just had two workshops ticked off in my workshop bucket list! *confetti*


Pictures of Make Up Class, courtesy of my friend Mec.

All other pictures are taken by me and my oldie-goodie phone.


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