a crafty weekend

For the early start of 2015, I found myself having a crafty weekend. 🙂

Jan-10-2015 (Saturday )

I’ve been meaning to join Life Documented Manila workshop since last year, but budget constraints left me wishing. I personally wrote in this year’s goal to attend their workshops as part of my growth process (check na check!). How so? I believe I have neglected my “creative/artsy-fartsy/handmade-creation” side for long, its time to unearth it back.  There’s been a side of me that has been yearning to have a tangible output to see and touch, and something to go back to. (chos!)

So, Life Documented Manila… made up of three fab ladies, who shared a common love for preserving memories through pictures, words, and scrapbooking.  Since, they’re confirmed hoarders of papers, embellishments, and other crafts ephemera, they decided to open it up to the adoring public (ok,the scrap-booking ones and the photos/papers, etc. hoarders as well). To know more about them and their fabulous, nakaka-intimidate scrapbook output, visit their website here.

life doc1

The workshop is basically an introduction to a new way of scrapbooking made popular by Becky Higgins, under the Project Life brand.  In a nutshell, its a photo album + journal + photos.  The photo album part are the page protectors in different photo sizes. The journal part came in the form of gorgeous themed cards that matches the sizes of the protector, which you can use to write in the details of the event.  So, all you have to do is to insert the pictures and the page protectors to create the lay-out that you want, and since the album is in a binder part, you can easily insert additional pages, other memorabilias, etc.  This could get addicting, I promise you….I can’t wait to finish my first album, which would carry my first 6 days solo travel in Vietnam last year. I admit, I got carried away, as I have printed 200+ worth of my first three days stay there, so we’re still talking about another 3 days worth of pictures not yet printed…which I believe would warrant another set of album. wooooooh!!

I'm not yet done with the enchilada, so there's still captions to make + embellishments to add, etc.  But the lay-outing starts first! ;)
I’m not yet done with the enchilada, so there’s still captions to make + embellishments to add, etc. But the lay-outing starts first! 😉

I’m looking forward to finishing up my first adventure, and being able to share the journey with my friends – who don’t have the time to listen to my lengthy ramble about my 6 days adventure while browsing through 2000+ photos, which at most contains a lot of epic failure in photography.  Its analog personal storytelling at best!


P.S.  Life Documented Manila holds a  Beginners Memory-Keeping workshop every month. Check out their website for the schedule.


Jan-11-2015 (Sunday)

I found myself cramming on a late Saturday afternoon for my friend Jacq’s bridal shower. The beautiful cafe of Sophie’s Mom is already a delight in itself and just needed a personal touch.  With the help of Pinterest for bridal shower ideas, free printables in the net, Facebook and Paulo Coelho, I was able to create simple, easy to execute props to add a li’l bit of DIY quirkiness to the event, which totally matches Jacq’s DIY wedding theme. 🙂

The Miss to Mrs. banner are free printables found in the net, and the couple pix involves digging and selecting through their Facebook photos. All of them were printed on white board paper then cut and taped (using cute washi tapes) to a multi-colored embroidery string (which is in my supplies box already).
The chair’s “hanging decor” involves finding cute illustrations via Google Images + texts from Paulo Coelho on love (which was the bride’s favorite author) and attached to embroidery strings. Loop it to the chair’s handles, and voila, added cuteness! There’s also the free printable of message for the couple – for the guests to leave some funny, or serious messages for them. The date night ideas I got from Pinterest but instead of using mason jars, we upcycled an old wine bottle and use Popsicle sticks instead. 🙂


It is so fulfilling and fun to see your artsy-fartsy effort out there, and having someone enjoy it as well, even for something so basic as cut-outs.

Here’s to more creative outputs and happy creations!


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