First PL album…done! (well, almost…)

Yey! I was finally able to fill one PL* album! Fill, not finished, since I was only able to cover day one and two of my Vietnam trip. Said trip happens to be my first PL* project. Why still unfinished? The lister in me listed it down... 1) I was using a 6x8 album as... Continue Reading →


brushes & weekends

Here's to a back to back weekend workshops that involves the use of brushes. SATURDAY (Feb28) The ABCs of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy I've been following Abbey Sy of Le Reveur with her prolific production on hand lettering, may it be in paper or in greenboards (these despite the full schedule of being a... Continue Reading →

a crafty weekend

For the early start of 2015, I found myself having a crafty weekend. 🙂 Jan-10-2015 (Saturday ) I've been meaning to join Life Documented Manila workshop since last year, but budget constraints left me wishing. I personally wrote in this year's goal to attend their workshops as part of my growth process (check na check!).... Continue Reading →

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